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F.A.Q. Section
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Who should sign up for a workshop?
Workshops are designed to be at the beginner and intermediate level. You should have at least a basic understanding of your cameras controls and settings. The more you know about your camera the more we can concentrate on shooting techniques, composition, and other photographic skills. You should also be in good physical condition as all of my workshops involve some walking or hiking while carrying your camera equipment.

What can I expect to learn?
My goal will be to help you learn how to take great landscape/nature photographs. We will cover many of the following topics:

1.  Tools for landscape and nature photography.
2.  Composition, technique, and style.
3.  Research and scouting techniques and resources helping you get to the right place
     at the right time.
4.  Ideal lighting conditions and how to deal with scenes with less than ideal light.
5.  In field review of images.
6. Camera settings and controls used to adjust for scene conditions and how to
    optimize your settings for the best images.

How much camera equipment do I need?
Your equipment needs will change/evolve as your skills increase. Please check out the PDF Gallery for an extensive list of required and optional equipment. While there is no absolute list, the absolute minimum you will need for a successful experience is:

1.  A DSLR with battery (or batteries) and memory cards.
2.  A sturdy tripod. Many of our exposures will be measured in seconds and there is
     no way to get a good shot while hand-holding.
3.  A cable release or a way to remotely trigger your camera to prevent camera
4.  Your camera's user manual.
5.  Various lenses with the ideal range going from 16mm to 300mm. You should also
      have a circular polarizer to fit your lenses.
6.  A camera bag, ideally backpack style, that can comfortably accommodate the
     equipment you plan to carry.

What am I responsible for?
Other than the obvious payment for your tuition you are responsible for your lodging (including reservations), meals, and transportation to/from the workshop site.

What will the weather be like?
It's a good time to start your research. There are many great weather sites on the Internet that give forecasts but they are not always accurate. I will have expected weather conditions on the individual workshop pages as well as recommended clothing lists based on my past experiences in these areas. We'll be up and out early and late so be prepared for both the lows and highs as well as the possibility of wind, snow, or rain, depending on the location and time of year. Extras of everything including shoes and socks is highly recommended.

What if something happens and I can't attend?

The cancellation policy is simple:   
1.  If participant cancels more than 60 days before the event start date,  I will refund any monies already paid.

2.  A deposit of 1/2 the workshop fee is due by 60 days before the event start date so:  
     -  If participant cancels 60-31 days before the start date and has paid only the deposit,
        I will refund 1/2 the deposit amount.
     -  If the full workshop fee has already been paid in that time frame,  I will refund 75%
         of the full workshop fee.

3.   If participant cancels within 30 days of the start date, all amounts paid to that date will be forfeit.  However, if participant reschedules for another workshop due to be held within the next 12 months, I will apply all but 20% of monies paid to the new workshop fee.

How much personal instruction will I receive?

I keep my instructor to attendee ratio small - no more than 6 attendees to a workshop leader. This ensures I have plenty of time to spend with each attendee. I rarely shoot myself except for instructional purposes. Also, this small number of attendees allows everyone to get acquainted and there are always helpful tips and other learning that is exchanged between those attending. You can count on having as much or as little direct instruction as you want!

What form of payment do you accept?
I accept personal checks as well as electronic/online payments made through my secure Square eInvoice System. If you want to make your payment electronically simply call or email me and I will send you the necessary form..