Fine Art Products and Services
For many years now I have worked as a fine art landscape and nature photographer.  My travels have taken me to a wide array of locations in North America but mainly in the United States.  My photography naturally follows my love of the beauty of nature and how unique manmade structures fit into and compliment our environment.  As you will see from the 9 galleries I am sharing with you on my site, I am particularly passionate about water in all natural forms, especially waterfalls.  I also love to photograph lighthouses, piers, boats, and bridges. 

The vast majority of my photographs are in color; but a select few are particularly well-suited for display in Black & White so I have a gallery dedicated to that medium.

I have chosen to share a select 81 images in these 9 galleries.  As with children, it's hard to pick favorites; but it would be impractical to display the hundreds of images I have captured and love.  So if you see a theme that you like but not the image you want, let me know and I'll arrange to show you more images of that theme/location.  Or, if you are interested in a location or theme that is not represented in one of my galleries, let me know.  Chances are that I may have images to fit your interests. 

My main products and services are listed below:

  • Fine Art Prints
    I produce and sell archival quality fine art prints from my existing portfolio.  Prices vary depending on size, medium (substrate/paper type), shipping and a variety of other factors.  So, I do not offer standard pricing but will happily provide you with a rapid quote upon request.

  • Matting and Framing
    I have worked to establish relationships with professional framers near where I live.  I am confident in referring you to one of those framers should you need framing services. 

  • Image Licensing
    In addition to print sales, I also license my fine art images for various purposes.  The general concept is considered stock photography where images are used for marketing in either print or electronic form or for use in cards, calendars, or other art products.  Please contact me for a quote and more information if you see an image that you would like to license.