Fine Art Gallery Index
The 9 galleries shown below contain images I have selected to represent some of the best imagery I have amassed over the years.  These images can be purchased as fine art prints that I create in my studio.  They are by no means my entire collection and I have images from many other locations as well as variations from the themes listed.  Please contact me for pricing or access to additional imagery.


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Gallery 1 - North Georgia Waterfalls
Some waterfalls from the North Georgia area.

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Gallery 2 - Piers on the North Carolina Outer Banks
Old and new fishing piers have always interested me.  Many are being lost to years of hurricane damage.

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Gallery 3 - The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
The images from this gallery are all from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This is one of my workshop locales.

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Gallery 4 - Sunrise and Sunset
Catching sunrise and sunset both can make for a very long day, but that is when the light is best.

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Gallery 5 - Boats and Water
I am always fascinated by boats and have lived around them all my life.

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Gallery 6 - West Virginia Waterfalls
A gallery of West Virginia Waterfalls.  What a great place to shoot!

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Gallery 7 - North Carolina Waterfalls
There are more than 1,000 in the state and these are a few of those.  Many more to be seen.

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Gallery 8 - Water in Our World
Images of water in various settings: late, early, ocean, rivers, and lakes.

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Gallery 9 - Black & White Images
The gallery contains B&W images of various types of scenes: varied and stunning.