Behind the Scene
This page contains a brief overview of the various workshops and then a link to a gallery with some "Behind The Scene" images taken during the workshop.  They will be in order of newest to oldest.


The Outer Banks, NC - April 7 - 10, 2016:   Thursday was check-in day.  We had a great group: 10 participants representing 4 different states:  West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, and Florida.  All had been on shoots with Randy and many knew each other. The plan was to meet in the lobby of the Days Inn, where everyone decided we needed to go shoot the Bodie Lighthouse.  We didn't stay out too late as the first scheduled shoot for Friday was a sunrise shoot at Jeannette's Pier.

Breakfast was on the run as we headed for Jeannette's Pier Friday morning.  After that, we ran over to Manteo to shoot the lighthouse, then onto the Dunes at Oregon Inlet.  Cape Hatteras Light was next for a day shoot then back to Bodie for some sunset shooting as well.  We did a night shoot with the Milky Way at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse as a finale to a very long day: up at 4:30 AM and back to the hotel about 4:00 AM. 

No one was up for anything early on Saturday after getting in so late so we took it pretty easy.  We gathered for lunch then headed to Currituck.  Most of the group got to go up into the lighthouse at least a couple of landings, and we also spent some time shooting at the shore.  As I passed by a couple of our shooters, I thought of the Hokey Pokey and said something like "Put your right leg up."  They did and I got a shot of it!  Photo in the Behind the Scenes Gallery.  Got together again later for dinner then went out for a sunset shoot on the beach in Salvo.  The wind was blowing about 40 mph and while the light wasn't awful, we were all getting sand blasted and sprayed by foam from the sound.

Sunday was a sunrise shoot at Avalon Pier then back to the hotel to check out.  I scouted a couple of times on the beach at Corolla for horses but had no luck.  All in all, however, I think everyone had a great time and learned something as well.

 (click here to see some Behind The Scene images from OBX)